Science at school: a lasting partnership

The BergamoScienza Model: a brilliant idea realized

Beginning with the third edition in 2005, the festival’s founder, Raffaella Ravasio, came up with the brilliant idea of involving the schools in a whole new way and enlisted the help of local schoolteachers. The schools were no longer merely festival attendees but took on an active role in the festival.

Teachers and students from various schools accepted the challenge to independently plan, create and conduct interactive workshops and scientific experiences for the festival’s attendees.

This allows the schools to promote scientific knowledge, providing a peer-to-peer learning opportunity for other schools and informal education to the general public which helps to strengthen the critical rapport between science and an aware and informed citizenship.

Over the years, the involvement of the students even in planning and obtaining the resources for the workshops has given them a genuine feel for the world of science and experiments far beyond what they’ll learn from a traditional curriculum, which is too often reduced to simply memorizing material.

But, above all, this approach has clearly changed students’ relationship with their school, its organization and scheduling.

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