Our volunteers

Volunteers are the heart and soul of BergamoScienza.

BergamoScienza Festival thrives and grows every year thanks to the significant help provided by our many volunteers who dedicate their time, energy and boundless enthusiasm.

There are many ways to volunteer for BergamoScienza:

- School students: They arethe festival’s driving force and their involvement makes BergamoScienza unique among Italian science festivals. They serve as guides for the exhibits and workshops and help the staff during festival events in a variety of ways, from providing programme information to welcoming visitors and managing festival facilities.

- Youth committee (<35 years old): The most motivated students become part of this group that helps during the festival and has also organized events at the BergamoScienceCenter for more than a year. These whiz kids have also dreamed up some creative activities: ScienceCinema during which science-themed films in their original language are screened and discussed; the Mat-Enigma treasure hunt in Bergamo’s centre conducted with the help of students from the University of Bergamo’s MatNet Centre for mathematics education; the Escape Room, a musical-themed game in which you need to resolve problems in order to escape from the centre; and the Science Happy Hour offering sparkling drinks and conversation.
The youth committee gets together at least once a month to plan and carry out ScienceCenter events or simply meet for pizza or a day trip.
At the moment, about 30 young people make up this committee. Get to know the group and its members by simply liking the Facebook page of the Comitato Giovani BergamoScienza (BergamoScienza Youth Committee)

- Senior Volunteers (>35 years old): Since the first festival in 2003, this group has ensured that the public knows all about this major event and the activities that will be taking place in various locations.
They joined BergamoScienza in order to “actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable future for young people” and, fortunately, they’ve never stopped helping.

“We are often asked why we don’t let the young people take over. The answer is simple: age loses its meaning. We all wear the same t-shirts and are equal. When we are together, the reality is that each person contributes a specific skill and we learn from each other and grow”.
Roberta Frigeni, Secretary of the Senior Volunteer

All the members of our organizational bodies are also volunteers: Board of Directors, Scientific CommitteeSchool Committee and Exhibits and Workshops Committee.

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