Activities and events


The House of BergamoScienza

In 2015 with the help of the Bergamo city government, BergamoScienza has put down roots right in the heart of the city: the BergamoScienceCenter.
Open all year long, the centre is a gathering place for the young, associations and public entities. Science lives and thrives under this roof where events affirm the city and BergamoScienza Association’s commitment to introduce the wider public to the marvels of science. 

Beginning in November 2015, thanks to the support and a contribution from the Bank of Italy, the BergamoScienceCenter began offering events for children, young people and adults on specific themes.

The organized activities include the following:

  •  SPREADING SCIENZE KNOWLEDGE Science for everyone! The academic world meets the wider public for accessible, engaging learning.
  • FOCUS Specific themes are tackled through interactive workshops, exhibits and talks.
  • TRAINING Introductory and training courses on specific scientific topics.
  • SCHOOL-TO-WORK PROGRAMME Students take charge, preparing interactive workshops and explaining them to the public.
  • CAREER GUIDANCE The new professions, from in-depth examinations of certain subjects to the future world of work.
  • SCIENCECINEMA Screenings of films dealing with science are introduced by experts and followed by a lively discussion. 
  • SPECIAL EVENTS Gatherings organized around a scientific happening.
  • COLLABORATIONS Events hosted and organized with associations or public or private entities that share the same objectives as BergamoScienza.


During the first year, the following events took place:

November-December 2015 CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Exhibits geared to children between 4 and 14 years of age

  •  Acquaplanet: le forme dell’acqua (Waterworld: the shape of water) created by the students and teachers of the ISIS Natta secondary school in Bergamo.
  •  Mio nonno è Einstein (Einstein is my grandfather) by and starring the magician Mago Fax.

February - March 2016 ROBOTICS
Six workshops for students between 6 and 13 years of age.

  •  We Robot Labs created with the following schools and educational institutes: IISS Ettore Majorana, Liceo Scientifico Filippo Lussana, CFP di San Giovanni Bianco, Istituto Leonardo da Vinci and ITIS Paleocapa. Confindustria Bergamo’s Esplora programme also contributed.

    The programme included career guidance for young people and adults:
  • Short introductory course in robotics and the new careers in this field with the University of Bergamo.
  • Three ScienceCinema film screenings organized by BergamoScienza’s youth committee with experts introducing the films.
  • A special event with the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), ascientific research foundation: Giorgio Metta and iCub (a humanoid robot being developed by IIT).

June - July 2016 MATHEMATICS
workshops for children attending local summer recreational centres conducted with the University of Bergamo’s MatNet Centre for mathematics education.

  • MattaMatica (Mad for Math) for children and teenagers between six and 14 years of age. Discover how fun mathematics can be through games and creative activities.
  • The Mat-Enigma treasure hunt, a talk about the concept of infinity, chess lessons and cryptography activities.
  • Three ScienceCinema film screenings organized by BergamoScienza’s youth committee with experts introducing the films.

October 2016 during the 14thedition of BergamoScienza
The ScienceCenter presented six different activities:
Rosetta mission workshop, driving simulator, flight simulator, game of chance, aerospace physics workshop and drones.

November - December 2017 SPACE

  • Two physics and astronomy workshops were set up with the assistance of ITIS Paleocapa and the Astronomical Observatory of Padova.
  • Two training and career guidance events with the European and Italian Space Agencies and the University of Bergamo.
  • Four talks in collaboration with the Astronomical Observatories of Merate and Brera and the Mars Society.
  • Two weekends dedicated to observing the sun and solar system workshops.
  • Four ScienceCinema film screenings organized by BergamoScienza’s youth committee with experts introducing the films.

In partnership with two local chemical institutes and the Spallanzani Institute of Rivolta d’Adda, a research facility. Three weeks of activities for children from six years of age and two weekends geared to families.

February - March 2017 DIGITAL DAYS
Three weeks of events including workshops, talks, a Arduino Day celebrating the open-source platform and four ScienceCinema screenings.
The workshops were conceived and conducted by the following institutes: Liceo Scientifico Lussana, ITIS Paleocapa, ITS Quarenghi, IISS Majorana, ABF San Giovanni Bianco. The events focused on robotics, coding, 3D printing and virtual reality.
The talks covered a wide range of themes: videogames, industry 4.0, digital education for parents and teachers, cyber security, digital payments, editing.

June - July 2017 SOUND OF SCIENCE
Workshops and talks about the relationship between music and physics, music and neuroscience, music and technology. BergamoScienza’s youth committee selected the topics and organized events with the Fondazione Donizetti and with Festival Pianistico Internazionale di Bergamo e Brescia as well as with two schools, Liceo Secco Suardo and the Istituto Imiberg in Bergamo.

All the events were free of charge for schools and individuals.

Event attendance totalled 18,831 
from November 2015 through July 2017